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At this point, a reputable credit repair service will admit they aren’t able to help you. If you have a series of legitimate charge-offs, for instance, there’s not much a great credit repair company can do to improve your credit score. In this case, your credit repair options are limited to improving your credit habits and rebuilding your credit over time. While many companies will advertise how many negative entries they’ve had deleted, there are no reliable statistics that prove the effectiveness of credit repair companies. Credit repair companies can help you in the process of the removal of negative items on your credit report, but it’s not guaranteed that it will be successful. Customers can choose between the Essentials ($79/month) and Essentials Plus ($109/month) plans.

More than 25% of Americans have a credit score below 599 and almost two-thirds of Americans identify as “always or usually” living paycheck-to-paycheck. Because of this, home-ownership is declining, and Americans are unable to access the financing they need to make large purchases. Whether this crisis is due to consumer irresponsibility or predatory lending ultimately doesn’t matter. What does matter to you and your clients is finding a solution to their individual problems.

Agents will notify customers about their credit score and if there are any current disputes or challenges. This includes everything from the previous level, but with 10 negative item disputes per cycle instead of five. While this industry is poised for significant annual growth, it is important to remember that many organizations fail to deliver what they are hired to do. Therefore, it is critical that startup business owners have a well-thought-out marketing strategy that establishes themselves as leaders in the industry.

And insure they provide you a time frame of when they will correct the damage on your report. If your debt validation and investigation don’t net you the deletion of the derogatory item, move to the next step. Find out from them what you must do to have the item removed from the business credit report. Usually, they will remove the account if you pay the outstanding debt.

The latter involves reviewing your client’s credit and debt and discussing how to manage it better. While the process of repairing credit involves working to increase a customer’s score incrementally. This may be through disputes, criticizing line items, and reaching out to creditors. But in order to do all of these things, you will need to take advantage of a few industry tips. Depending on your goals and aspirations, starting a credit repair business is relatively cheap compared to other business ventures.

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