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2021’s Best Credit Repair Companies

Go through all the information you can find, decide on your fees and services, and get ready to advertise. One of the most valuable services you provide to clients is writing dispute letters and following up with creditors on their behalf. Since you will be handling hundreds of clients a month, you’ll want to have a system in place to automate the busy work for you.

By focusing on building trust and asking the right questions, you can build a simple, targeted marketing and sales strategy. People often know what their problem is but need to be educated on the solution. Clients can sense fairly quickly whether you are approaching them to make money and close a deal or if you are sincerely interested in helping them. If you want to have the right relationship with your clients, you have to be in it for the right reasons. If people know about you, they are much more likely to refer you business. If you reach 1,000 clients paying you $79/month, that’s $79,000 each month in recurring revenue.

The concept of credit repair is often linked with credit repair companies. But contrary to some misinformation, credit repair companies don’t have a monopoly on credit restoration. Consumers should “exercise extreme caution” when considering working with a credit repair company, McClary says.

You could also complain to the Federal Trade Commission on the FTC’s site. All that being said, it’s definitely not impossible to positively impact your credit yourself through dedicated time, effort, and follow-up. Note that although you can enroll for free, there is a $79 review/setup fee that is automatically billed after 6 days. The company gets to work within 48 hours and typically turns out at least five disputes per cycle on your behalf.

Credit repair companies can help validate debts by dealing with the collection agency on your behalf. Founded in 2004, Lexington Law Firm has offices in Utah and Arizona and attorneys admitted in various states across the country. The firm employs attorneys and paralegals, which is not the case for many credit repair companies. Lexington Law will work with every clientto provide personalized credit counseling and customer service.

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